• Automatic Single Wet-tissue Packing Machine


Bag Size (LxWxH) Max:190x110x40mm;   Min:60x30x0.5mm
Packaging Speed 80-230 bags/min (according to the size and component of wet tissue)
Power Supply 220V 50-60Hz 2.4kw
Liquid Adding Range 0-10ml
Packing Material PP, PE, compound film, aluminum foil film, paper film, etc.
Overall Dimensions 2600mm*1480mm*1500mm
Weight 730kg

Note: The 4-sides sealing single wet-tissue packaging machine and the multiple wet-tissue packaging machine are also available.

main feature

This is a high speed pillow-bag sealing machine for wet tissues, adopt vertical folding (for paper) and feeding film underneath, touch screen operation panel, PLC controller, high sensitive photoelectric tracking system, frequency controller and pace motor to control the speed, independent PID temperature controller etc.

It can fully automatic realize the process including paper folding, cutting, feeding, dropping, printing, bag-forming, sealing, counting, output etc.

It can stop automatically if encounter malfunction. 

It is suitable for central sealing of wet wipes, tissue paper, disinfect cloth, disposal napkin etc.

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